Wednesday, August 10, 2016

9 years of friendship and still counting…

How time flies so fast ?? Tak sedar masa berlalu dan I’m 26 this years. Oh my!!

Dah setahun lebih tak tulis blog. Banyak sangat yang berlaku dalam hidup kita. Ups and downs!
Luckily , I still keep in touch with my girlfriends. Ya! 9 years of friendship and still counting.
Raya just end last week and we decided to have makan2 dekat rumah mummy mijah. Well! Mummy mijah mask Mee Bandung Muar sebab that’s her specialty!!

Time is running ,,, and my girlfriends are going to end her single life. Myra , Select and Zaty.  (Myra and select was not here)
Psssttt..I’m going to have my first baby and mijah will have her second child. Our due date selang 2 minggu je.
Tak sangka kan, dari sekolah dan akhirnya sampai sekarang we still contact each other.

I’m so blessed and grateful

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